v850ii + Trigger

Simple, affordable great way to start ocf

All you need is one to start off and a trigger to sync it wirelessly. Clik the button below to get one, and then add one of the triggers below to your cart. If you don't see your camera brand, send me a message and I can assist.

Buy the v850ii

Are you loving my videos?

If you have been loving the videos and educational content I've been putting out, then the best way to support me so I can continue to provide free education is to simple make sure you are using my links to purchase the devices. Adorama provides me with a small incentive (at no additional cost to you) for helping them connect YOU to their amazing products.

Lighting for the photographer

Adorama brings you the usa version of godox

I've been using Adorama Flashpoint lighting & modifier products since I've made the switch about 5 years ago to wireless lighting. I used Paul C. Buff, but I decided to get rid of wires in my studio/onlocation setup. Flashpoint provides the photographer with reliable lighting at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. A lot of people say things like: But this brand or that brand is better. My reply is what a photographer idol of mine says: Light is light.