Mobile Headshots - Our Process

Your headshot session will take place at (one) location of your choice and can last anywhere from 15-30 minutes with atleast 15 minutes in setup/breakdown of our equipment. Our team will provide a quick and efficient service. During the session we will produce anywhere from 6-15 photos, together we will assist in selecting one headshot that works for you.

Before your session: we will coordinate and discuss your photoshoot and details such as How to prepare, What to wear and etc. We will guide you step by step so you have an efficient headshot photoshoot. We will also confirm the location: your office, your home or elsewhere

During your shoot: We provide posing & guidance. We make sure you look your best and offer different angles, backdrops for your shoot. Neutral Gray is the default, but we can setup any color.

After your shoot: You will receive your edited headshot and any additional headshots you may have purchased. - You can also upgrade to our 24 hour turnaround.


- Pre-Shoot Consultation
- One on One session at a location of your choice
- Posing & Guidance
- Proofing Gallery
- Web Ready Photo & High Res File
- One Outfit Max
- One Edited Headshot
- Option to Purchase more

experienced team providing an excellent service to the greater orlando area

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