My Go-To lighting kits

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Combine my specific lighting kits along with your skills and it will be the perfect recipe for amazing photos. Shop all of my different lighting kits I've put together using brands like MagMod, Westcott and more.

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Condition1 Camera Case

Camera & equipment case

The Condition One cases are lightweight and ready for any condition you put them through. I love the large rubber wheels which make them soft to roll and they remain quiet. Use code: "SHOOTWITHRAY" during checkout

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MakiStrap Camera Holster

Stylish, secure & comfortable

I trust my cameras with this strap. Genuine leather and also made by a good photographer friend of mine in this industry. He is based in Mexico and makes these straps from his ranch.

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PIXSY: Protect Your Photos

Find & Fight theft of YOUR images

Image theft is real. Find out who has been using your photos without permission, send copyright and Cease and desist notices and more, completely FREE to you!

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Pixieset Gallery & Prints

proofing, gallery and more

The better way for modern photographers to share, deliver, proof and sell online

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Sprout Studio

Invoices, Contracts, bookkeeping

No more juggling balls, balancing plates, trying to keep all the balloons underwater - or however you'd describe the chaos of trying to piece together all the different tools you need to run your business. Sprout has you covered! See why Ray says how Sprout "streamlined my workflow and saves me so much time, giving me more time for other things, like spending more time with my family."

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