The new "trend". Beauty Photoshoots

Forget the beach and swimwear, forget those super glamorous photos with the lingerie. Let's bring out the beauty in you. Beauty photos are small but touching stories woven of sincere smiles, cosmetics and sparkle of beauty in the eyes. These emotions will live forever in physical or digital form.


Book a beauty photoshoot from Professional Orlando Photographer Ray Alvarez

A good beauty photoshoot needs a good photographer. You can entrust this important mission to me, Ray Alvarez, a professional Orlando photographer. Let my team and I bring out the beauty in you.

Mal De Ojo with Kay Alvarez

I titled this creative project "Mal De Ojo" Spanish for Evil Eye. Professional makeup artist Kay Alvarez Makeup completed the custom hair, makeup and overall look of this project. She is also the model pictured.

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