Photography Education

The education does not stop on Youtube or any of my workshops or speaking functions. I am here to help. Use any of the information below to help grow your knowledge in photography.

Upcoming Workshops / Classes

You can find my upcoming speaking assignments or workshops here, feel free to use the links to sign up for them

Beauty Lighting & Posing

june 4th - orlando

This 1 on 1 styled workshop will create a deep dive experience on beauty lighting, posing, techniques and more to fine tune your portrait skills and create vibrant clean beauty portraits. We will be providing models, lighting and modifiers. You can bring your light trigger, but we will be providing that aswell. This workshop will be hosted in an indoor photo studio setting.


Affiliates & The Gear I Trust

Learn more and shop the gear I use on my day to day operations

Condition1 #300 Travel Case

My trusted go-to Camera & lens Case

The Condition1 cases are lightweight and ready for any condition you put them through. I love the large rubber wheels which make them soft to roll and they remain quiet. Use code: "SHOOTWITHRAY" during checkout to get a small discount. Also don't forget to buy the padding which goes inside, or click the link under this box.


Lighting for the photographer

Adorama brings you the usa version of godox

I've been using Adorama Flashpoint lighting & modifier products since I've made the switch about 5 years ago to wireless lighting. I used Paul C. Buff, but I decided to get rid of wires in my studio/onlocation setup. Flashpoint provides the photographer with reliable lighting at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. A lot of people say things like: But this brand or that brand is better. My reply is what a photographer idol of mine says: Light is light.


Popl Digital Business Card

Get rid of paper cards. just use popl

Ever since I've gotten Popl, I've ditched the paper business card. You pretty much have your phone EVERYWHERE you go, so whenever someones asks for your info or for a business card, you have them tap your popl on your phone or your bracelet, and bam! They have all the info YOU want to provide to them. You control all of the info they see via the Popl App. If you would like to join the team and get yourself a Popl, use my code "shootwithray" during checkout for 20% any Popl Device!


Affiliate Links & The Gear I Love to use

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shop my Lighting kits, camera kits

I've put together some lighting and camera kits for you in my Amazon affiliates account. Browse around and shop the lighting gear that I use for my shoots